“My name is Jamie Pettis, and I am the artist and creator behind Brazen Wolf. With ‘brazen’ meaning ‘shameless’ and ‘bold’, the wolf represents ‘territory’; the meaning behind this name is the message my art seeks to send.

Brazen Wolf is an alias of sorts. It represents my art first which consists predominantly of paintings, drawings, and prints. I have a small apparel collection to follow including prints of existing art as well as various messages behind my brand.

My motivation for Brazen Wolf is one that expands on universal territory. Every day that I paint I am moved to look at my purpose and truth in my territory. I then reflect on how boldly I am pursuing that. At times I find this truth through my works of painting specific athletes, hip hop artists, or figures in general who use their platforms to stand for something greater than themselves. More often than not these figures represent and inspire lives that are centered around being the very best versions of themselves. They do it boldly and without shame. They find their truths and are relentless in reaching the higher grounds that are within themselves. In the end, their accomplishments become bigger than themselves, and those around them are moved and reached in a powerful way. This to me is more moving than anything I can ever imagine. This is what I seek to do.

At other times that I paint, I may find inspiration in a person or picture whom I may not know their name. Sometimes a message is sent through a nameless person’s expression or pose. At all times, however, you will see the motivation and presence of free and bold color flow in the entirety of my work. There is always a message and intense feeling sent through the vibrancy of my rich color schemes and brush strokes. I seek to push the boundaries with color.

Overall, when I paint, I find out who I am, and then I share it with the world. My encouragement to my viewers is to do the same. I wish to make people feel more alive to the very real soul within themselves. Find out what drives you, and seek out your truth. Do so without shame, and pass this message on. Be Brazen. Be YOU.”

Founder, Brazen Wolf

Jamie Pettis

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Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jamie Pettis is an up and coming artist to the scene who has been pursuing some sort of creative work her entire life. As a child and into her teens, Jamie competed classically with piano and voice. Throughout this time, Jamie also spent much of her days in her fatherʼs art studio creating work with pencil and oil pastel while following the likes of her father’s love of drawing people. After high school, Jamie went on to earn a degree in Fashion Design and Production at Oklahoma State University while taking art classes, theatre costume design, and even acting classes. After college Jamie moved to Los Angeles and pursued acting while still pursuing art.

For the past nine years, Jamie has fully committed to producing artwork in a wide range of mediums with much of her inspiration coming from her love for music, her time spent acting, social change, Oklahoma, her father’s love for oil pastels, and fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Jamie did her internship for Jacobs in New York during her fashion days. Although Jamie has worked with a vast range of mediums and designs, she is recently focused on a multitude of acrylic and oil paintings most of which are real to abstract portraiture, as well as her new apparel line she just released in June of 2015. Jamie’s style is vastly influenced by her father’s rich color schemes, and her drafting works in fashion design school.